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Commuter students are the heart of the BSU campus

Together, commuters comprise nearly 70% of all BSU students. 的 Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services Office (OCCSS) provides the resources commuters need to become successful and engaged members of our campus community.

Looking to get involved as a commuter student? Stop by OCCSS, located in Rondileau Student Union (RSU), room 007. We are committed to providing engagement opportunities, ladbrokes立博官网, and services for our commuter population. Here at ladbrokes立博中文版, there are more than 90 student clubs and organizations for you to explore — and that is just the beginning!

A Day in the Life of a BSU Commuter

ladbrokes立博中文版 has partnered with to provide students with off-campus housing listings. 在网站上, 你可以浏览出租物业, 寻找室友, post or search for a sublet (current students only), 和更多的.

Students, search rental listings here »  
Students, register to post FREE roommate/sublet listing here »  

周一至周四上午9点.m.-7 p.m. 
星期五早上9点.m.-5 p.m.

LANDLORDS can register to post FREE rental listings here »  


ladbrokes立博中文版 Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services Office offers this service as a convenience to the University community. 的 University does not manage or own any of the properties listed here. 的 University has made no independent investigation of, and makes no representations or warranties regarding, 是否合适, 健身, condition or safety of the properties listed on this site or the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. 

的 University does not recommend or endorse any of the properties listed on this site. It is the sole responsibility of the students or other users of this site to check out the properties and/or landlords listed. 的 University is not responsible for any liability or damage arising from the use of information on this site.

Opportunities for commuters to engage on campus beyond the classroom also include campus employment. 的 majority of our student population at 布里奇沃特 works and as a commuter student we encourage you to look for opportunities to work on campus, which is a great way to connect and learn about campus all while making money.


的 Old Colony Middleboro/Lakeville commuter rail stops right on campus. For up to date schedule information please visit the 优先网站.

的re are 4 commuter parking areas on campus; Spring Street, Hooper街, Swenson Field and the 停车 Garage. View more information about parking, including the 停车指南(PDF).

BAT Buses are available on campus to assist students in getting around. In addition to the on campus shuttle service, buses travel to Brockton three times per day. 在BSU运输查看更多细节.

ladbrokes立博中文版 is pleased to offer its students the opportunity to purchase 优先 passes for the semester at a discount. This is a great deal for students traveling on the commuter rail or bus to BSU on a regular basis. For more information please see the 优先网站.

Please note that the 优先 does not allow cancellations, changes or refunds on passes.

BSU is happy to make available the 智能停车 App that can assist you with finding a parking spot when you arrive on campus. Your parking decal not only identifies you as a BSU bear but it will also help us count how many cars are entering and exiting both the Spring Street Lot, Swenson Lot and the 停车 Garage. 的  智能停车 App will display a heat map identifying the percentage of available parking remaining. We have rolled out this program in three of the four commuter lots for now but the hope is to have all lots included in the very near future. 的 智能停车 map is available via the "Commuter Resources" Tile on the BSU移动应用.

Your safety is BSU’s top priority, please do not use your cell phone while driving.

Lockers are provided on the ground floor of the Rondileau Student Union for commuter students and are a great service to assist you in your day-to-day routine while keeping your belongings safe.

ladbrokes立博中文版 警察局 is a full functioning 24/7 operation open 365 days per year. 的 BSUPD enforces state laws as well as university rules and regulations. All BSU police officers attend municipal police academy training and have full police authority on campus and throughout the town of 布里奇沃特. 了解校园安全








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Off Campus and Commuter Student Services

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布里奇沃特, MA 02325